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Hot water outdoors whenever and wherever you need it! Safe and easy to use, HotWave™ gives you complete control of water temperature and the water stream, so you can use it on anything from tough jobs like cleaning your patio, to more gentle jobs like washing your dog!

Get hot water on demand for cleaning off house siding or outdoor furniture, and then turn down the heat to give your furry friend a warm bath or fill up the kiddie pool for your kids to play in! You can use HotWave™ anywhere you have a garden hose hookup and a power outlet, so it can be used at your home, on the farm, on your vehicle, at the campground, and more.

HotWave heats water instantly using tankless water heating technology to provide endless hot water outdoors whenever and wherever you need it. 

HotWave’s multipurpose design features 4 spray patterns so you’re sure to have the right one for the job at hand. Change the pressure and spray pattern with a turn of the dial, and turn up the heat! 

The science doesn’t lie! Hot water has faster-moving molecules than cold water. This molecular speed translates into heat and energy for all your cleaning needs. HotWave™ makes cleaning an easy and enjoyable experience whether it be washing siding, patios, decks, trucks, or more. It’s even gentle enough for pets and children to play in.

Designed with the highest electric safety standards in mind, HotWave™ has been tested in RheemLabs™ under tough conditions so it’s built to last. The comfortable, insulated ergonomic grip and easy-to-use handling and trigger lock make it a breeze to use. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Clean the outside of your home with ease using HotWave™!

Washing your car just got easier. Fill a bucket, grab a sponge, and use the different spray settings to easily clean off tough grime.

Your pet deserves a warm bath. Don't be surprised if he takes it as another invitation to play!

Cleaning hard-to-reach windows is a breeze! 

Dirty bike? Need to rinse off a sandy surfboard? HotWave™ has you covered.

Enjoy the warm water outside anytime you need to clean up. 

The HotWave™ Water Heating Spray Nozzle was an idea that came directly from listening to homeowners. They needed a way to get hot water from their indoor faucet to their outdoor needs— washing cars and windows, bathing the dog, etc. We realized that rather than transferring hot water from inside to outside, the more efficient solution would be to heat water outside.