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  • Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart
  • Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart
  • Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart
  • Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart

Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart

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Introducing Slide: affordable smart curtains, simplified.

Start waking up to natural light, securing your home when you're on holiday - and so much more. Control your curtains by hand, mobile app or voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Works on virtually all horizontal curtains. Mount it onto your existing track in just two minutes, no tools required.

It's time to bring your stone age curtains into the 21st century with Slide.

Almost everyone has curtains, but they haven't changed in ages. Existing motorization systems are expensive, complex and must be built to order. It's time to bring your stone age curtains into the 21st century. Open up a world of awesome possibilities in the blink of an eye. Imagine waking up with natural light, securing your home when you're on holiday, and so much more. 

Introducing Slide

Slide is a super simple solution to automate your curtains. It works on virtually all horizontal curtain rails or rods and supports single and double curtains. We developed a unique, modular mounting system that allows you to set Slide up with your existing curtain track in just a few minutes. No tools or drilling required. Thanks to Slide's patented wire mechanism, any curtain track length up to six meters (20 feet) is supported out of the box.  And remember, Slide is always hidden behind your curtains, out of sight.

Slide has encrypted WiFi connectivity built-in and comes with the companion Slide App for iOS or Android. Beyond directly opening or closing your curtains, the Slide App unlocks powerful use cases (listed below). In addition to the app, you can also voice control your curtains with Google Home and Amazon Alexa support. Or integrate Slide with your other smart home devices using IFTTT and our Open API. And of course - you can still open and close your curtains by hand. The possibilities are endless.

Supercharge your curtains with powerful new functions

With Slide, getting out of bed will be easier than ever before. Combine the alarm clock on your phone with Slide and let your curtains gently wake you up with rays of bright sunlight in the morning. Getting up has never been easier.

Never worry about opening your curtains every morning and close them every night. Slide knows when the sun rises and sets and takes care of it, every single day. You can also set custom timers to open and close your curtains, if you're on a different schedule. 

Did you know windows are the most poorly insulated part of a house? Curtains act as a natural barrier to keep heat in or out of your home. Using geolocation data from your phone Slide can automatically close all curtains when the last person leaves the house, and open them when someone comes home. This way your curtains help you keep your house cool during the summer and preserve heat inside during cold winter months.

Enable the Holiday Mode in your Slide App when you're out of town. Select a time slot to open your curtains in the morning and close them in the evening. Slide will open and close your curtains - every day at a slightly different moment within the chosen interval. Burglars won't have a clue that you're gone!

We want you to get the most out of Slide, in any way you want. The Slide App is easy to use, and a great way to set your automations. If you have multiple Slides, use the App to easily group them in different zones and control them all at once. Our patented technology allows you to fully open or close the curtains, but also set them to any position in between.

Enjoy pure luxury with the Slide Touch&Go feature

Get physical with the SlideMote add-on

Sometimes, you just want the simplicity of a button. The Slidemote is just that: an affordable, elegant wireless remote for instant control where and when you want it. The Slidemote communicates with your Slide using a secured Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection.

Install Slide in a matter of minutes with our modular mounting mechanism 

We've told you Slide is easy to install - now let's show you. The Slide App walks you through the installation and helps you connect Slide to your phone. Slide is designed to be retrofit, which means it works on your existing horizontal curtain track. We have developed a modular mounting system with different connector sets for different curtain systems. These include Connector sets for curtain rails and curtain rods. And rest assured: we made sure that no matter how you set Slide up, it'll always be hidden behind your curtains!

Check out these videos below to see how Slide is setup on different curtain systems.

Slide install video for rails based curtain systems

Attaching Slide to your rails is a breeze:

1. Place our Slide Mount on both ends of your rails/track
2. Attach Slide onto one mount, and the pulley onto the other
3. Connect the Slide system to your curtain runners with the magnetic Slide Connector
4. If you have a double curtain, simply clip the included second connector onto your second curtain.

Slide install video for rod based curtains

Note: This video showcases an earlier prototype of Slide. The final mount looks different (and works even easier!)

Slide can fit any rod by attaching the mounting mechanism to the rod itself or the part which is attached to the wall.

Cases where Slide does not work:

Not enough space to mount Slide
Slide is mounted underneath your curtain track, and is 5 centimeters deep. You need to have at least 3 centimeters (or little over an inch) between the side of your curtain track and your window/wall to fit Slide.

Curved tracks
Slide only works on a straight curtain system. If you have a curved track (for example, a bay window), you can choose to mount Slide only for the straight part, but bear in mind it cannot handle corners or curves.

On ring-less pocket rod systems

If you have a pocket rod curtain, where the fabric moves directly on the rod (so without rings above or in the fabric), Slide will not work because the Slide connector cannot get a good grip.

On extremely long curtain systems (>6 meters / 20 feet)

We designed to work on virtually any system, but if your curtain track is longer than 6 meters (or 20 feet), Slide won't work. But if your track is just a little bit longer and you really want Slide, you can always choose to partially automate your track.

What's in the box

When you receive your Slide, we'll make sure the package contains all you need to get started. Here's what you can expect:

  • 1x Slide unit with universal mounting system
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x AC adapter with a plug for your region

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